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Breeder Listing Disclaimer

FLCA Breeder Listing
  1. The FLCA does not endorse nor recommend any individual or kennel.
  2. Any member listed herein is a member in good standing of the FLCA and has given permission to list and release their names to individuals inquiring about the breed.
  3. The FLCA strongly advises that you check out whomever you contact carefully in regard to their standards of quality and that their ethics meet your expectations.
  4. The FLCA does not guarantee the services of any listed breeder.
  5. There are other Club members in good standing who have chosen to remain unlisted at the present time.
  6. The selection of a breeder and a puppy is an important decision.
  7. Get it in writing.
  8. It is imperative that as a prospective new puppy owner, that you become familiar with the Breed, the Breed Standard, how to groom and care for your new puppy, and also learn what the health defects are in the breed.



E-code of ethics signed • I-information • P-puppies • S-stud service/reproductive service available • C-conformation • A-agility • O-obedience • D-dogs • R-referral



Alabama - Ashwood Finnish Lapphunds

E, I, P, C, R -

Alabama - Junaluska Finnish Lapphunds

E, I, P, S, C, A, O, D, R -

California - Cracar Finnish Lapphunds

I, P, D, S, C, R, E -

Michigan - Calaban Finnish Lapphunds

I, P, D, S, R, E -

New Mexico - Starfyre Finnish Lapphunds

E, I, P, C, A, O, R -

Wisconsin - Yutori Finnish Lapphunds

I, P, D, S, C, O, A, R, E -


Resources & Education

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  5. Finnish Lapphund Breed Brochure PDF
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