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The Finnish Lapphund in Obedience


The Finnish Lapphund is included in the AKC herding group for they had originally herded reindeer in Lapland. They do possess herding instincts which definitely helps in obedience. Many lappies have rally titles, some have advanced obedience titles, and one, to date, has accomplished multiple all breed High in Trial and High Combined awards.

The personality of a lappy can be deceiving for they, generally, are happy to do any task that you ask of them. They like to please and will work quite nicely, with positive reinforcement methods. Food is a big draw to these dogs, but they can also train the handler to their own agenda.

Heeling is a natural, retrieving is fun for them, and jumping is easy for they are very athletic. They can tolerate a certain number of repetitions, but don't over do it, for they will become bored and start improvising exercises to keep themselves entertained. In general, they are very biddable,but are a soft temperament , and don't take heavy corrections very well. The more positive you can be the happier your lappy will be. They can also excel in tournament competitions for obedience. In 2013, a lappy placed 4th in the herding group and 13th in the whole country at the AKC National Obedience Championships.

Lappies are a layed back type of personality-not needing a job 24/7. But when asked, they perform with enthusiasm. Some things to be concerned with when training a lappy in obedience are- they do have a tendency to vocalize, so that would have to be controlled. And they are intolerant of heat and humidity, so summertime would be a perfect time to take a break from training.

Every lappy is different, this is just a general guideline with comments about temperament, if you are considering a lappy in obedience. Hope to see you in the obedience ring in the future with your “happy lappy”.




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